Water surge

An article carried by the “the Wall Street Journal" alerts us to the risk of higher seas effecting low sea level areas of New York City. The text says areas at higher levels could be under water if the sea level rises or a bad hurricane hits. This kind of water surge would be dangerous causing residents to lose everything.

So civil engineers are working on solutions. One option being studied is the construction of a storm-surge barrier by the Verrazano Bridge that is also the water "entrance" to NYC. If that entrance is protected then low level areas would be, too.

What do we need to protect our hearts from the surge of sin? Do we try to fight it with our own strength? Do we think we can face such a powerful ‘water surge’ that swells inside us, causing our lives to go astray from God’s will? Do we try to devise a self-made sin-storm surge barrier?

If so, then that’s bad engineering.

What we really need is the bridge that connects us to God – Jesus Christ. His engineering through his life and work constructed the only barrier to the eternal trouble the ‘water surge’ of sin brings about. He provided the storm-surge barrier that keeps us safe and well protected – Himself, through faith. That’s exactly why the psalmist declares (Ps: 124.): “If it had not been the LORD who was on our side. then the flood would have swept us away, the torrent would have gone over us”

That's when we realize that this is the case...to fight water with water. To fight the great waves of sin that shatter our lives we need replenishment. That's done by the Living Water of Christ. It enters our hearts and fulfills us through The Bridge. No surge can lead us from His Way. This Water surge fulfills the lower and higher areas our being.

A barrier that no one can overcome. And causes us not to lose but to win...everything.

(From an idea suggested by our reader
Dorcas Kimball - New York, NY)

Text revision: Kim Starr
Wisconsin, USA.
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