Same name

In February, 2006, at Concordia College, Irvine, CA, we met two young ladies, two Sarahs, They had an interesting coincidence. They were roommates and both had three names. In those names, out of 15 letters only three of them were different. The other 12 were exactly the same.

On the other hand, although almost equal as names they were very different as persons. Different home towns, different abilities. Different goals, different dreams.

So we are, all of us. Although the same human beings made of the same flesh and blood, we are different. We live under different circumstances, climates, moods. And we live in a world that quite often treats us differently. Some have different privileges, opportunities. Different concepts and attitudes about dignity, justice, faith, principles.

Now, however different as persons the Sarahs were, they are equal under a Name. And so do are we. By placing faith in this Name, we are equally children of God. No matter how different we are, the same Jesus always is.

Then, no matter how different you feel for your sins He is the same in his love and forgiveness. No matter how different the world treats you, the value He places on your life is the same in our unchangeable Savior. No matter how different your future sounds to be, the same is His promise and care. The Three Person God, whose Name is above all names and cannot be found anywhere else - but is everywhere we go.

By the way, speaking of coincidences today boths Sarahs are in eastern Europe in almost neighbor countries far from their homes. And I’m sure the Lord keeps and leads them under His only and same Name – as He keeps and leads all of us.

Not by coincidence. Only by faith.

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Kim Starr
Wisconsin, USA.
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