There’s a saying among media workers in general that goes: “Bad news is good news”. I heard that in my journalism class the other day. This means that whenever something really bad happens all the media know that they gonna get attention above normal. For everybody knows that people in general kind of ‘like’ disgraces and tragedies. Crowds stop to watch whenever there’s a bad thing happening, from a car crash to the breaking news of a tsunami or a quake. When bad news break in information workers know that good hours of exposition break in too.

‘This shouldn’t be like that’, certainly we would say,. That’s right. But all of this happens because of …ourselves. We pay attention to disgraces. We make audience ratings soar. We are the ones who do not turn off the breaking bad news. So we are co-responsible for making them ‘good’. And that may not ever be different because of our sinful human nature. We lean to the bad not to the good.

But that’s not the whole story. It has been developing since the cross. Actually since God decided to love and save us. Christ consumed The Top Story to be covered, the Top image to be broadcasted, Top Top news ever. Even though sometimes treated as small facts by people’s ‘daily news’. But this does not diminish its importance and life-changing impact.

And this is a story where the bad news is good news too! But in a good way. Wonderful one. A man hanging on a cross - death sentence – that’s bad news. But this horrible scene became the greatest Good News of all time. We have forgiveness, peace. By faith, we’re saved. We have a story. A story with a good end.

Then no matter how bad the world turns out to be - and no matter how good he is and exposes that truth - there's no news as breaking, as comforting, as good as this. If sometimes we believe in the media's news which is human and biased why not firmly believe in God's News that is always Good? Jesus wants us safe in his arms, guided along his path, kept in His love.

With Him good news is always good news.

Text revision:
Kim Starr
Wisconsin, USA.
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