Follow Friday

It's a regular movement on Twitter every week. The Follow Friday (# ff ). Twitters suggest other twitters' profiles to their followers.

In case you are not familiar with, on Tweeter you make a profile of yourself, then you can follow someone's profile. You can then be followed, too. So you can have a crowd of followers. Another feature of this social media network is that you can retwitt the posts (twitts) of others, that means share many profiles (of those you know and don't know) with all of your followers. Now it became a Friday tradition among twitters worldwide to retwitt several profiles...known as Follow Friday.

Followers are in the Christian faith, too. But in this case, all the followers must go after One single Profile, Jesus Christ. He alone has the 'posts' that lead us to Salvation. He brought this to people worldwide on a Friday, Good Friday. Christ 'retwitts' forward to everyone who by faith in him is connected to God's real network. That's our new profile: Child of God.

Not many followers retwitt His profile very often, though. They don't even regularly forward his profile. Many skip Fridays, Sundays and don't even contact him by tweet once a year. But He doesn't get angry by blocking or clicking 'unfollow' to any one at all. (That's our way of blocking on Twitter.) He is always loving and forgiving, because he understands our 'offline' moments, far from his Word. Then His voice comes not in a tiny tweet but in a sound woofer to tell our hearts that by faith he makes us his followers.

He promises to follow with us wherever we go. Our profile is never blocked from his sight and from his love. It's kind of a Follow Freely Everyday.

So what about following Him Friday?

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Kim Starr
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US.
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