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Every now and then I receive Facebook messages in my inbox showing me a ‘comment thread’. That refers to a specifc 'post' I've made in someone's profile with other people doing the same. That lets me read what others say: agree, disagree, think about that topic. When I've read it bad words or offensive thoughts have never been used. Nor even harsh disagreement.

But what about the comment thread in the face to face relationships? Well, actually in the ‘behind your face’ daily networks?

Well, in this social networking we sometimes sadly see a book of bad faces with bad tongues. This comment thread leads to harm and not the original intention. It gives us a look over our neighbor's fence. Into our neighbor's life. This kind of judgment comes too fast - what we "think we know well." Opinions we commit ourselves to that can be as deep as a drop of water on the ground!

Yep, that's us. Words said without thinking. Judgments made without pausing. Condemnation.

Fortunately for us our heavenly Father doesn't do the same. Otherwise our life would be a 'hanging thread' because His judgment would correctly be fast and sharp. None of us can escape his Word that condemns our sinful nature, our failure thread.

Yet, He shows another way. The Way. The Truth. The Life. Christ, which in His Thread of Action culminates on the Cross. The thread has a new beginning with Him. Now through faith He calls us to a different thing: a comment spread. A different content spreading a different way of life. In Him we can be fast to love and delay the criticism. Fast to help, slow to judge. Slow to keep it inside, fast to make it a spread. Spread of the Word, the Way, the worth we have when having the thread of our life woven by His Love.

That’s not for every now and then. But for every day now.



‘Touch of life’, the daily show presented on Ulbra TV (Porto Alegre, Brazil) approaches its edition number 1,000! It will be aired on Sunday, 09.06. The show presents daily six minutes of Christian music and message. On Sundays it brings the Lutheran Sunday Service (60 minutes) recorded at Ulbra’s University Chapel.

Touch of Life is on air since nov, 2004 when Ulbra TV was launched. It is the channel’s longest running program. Ulbra TV’s signal reaches 7 States of the Nation reaching a potential public up to 4,000,000.

“The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad” (Ps 126:3)


Text revision:
Kim Starr
Wisconsin, USA.
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