Re: Warning Signs

I shared a story in the Portuguese edition of Touch of Life from a friend who experienced unusual warnings on his way to work. These reminded him of how God, our Father, works in our daily lives. Sometimes in the most unusual ways.

The next day, I received a reply from one of the readers. She had a 'warning' experience at the exact same day. And I share it with you today.

“Hi Lucas!

I’ve got to read the message only today, but to me the ‘warning’ came already yesterday…
It's so amazing how God takes care of us. He proves every day how important we are to Him.

Yesterday while I was preparing to leave home for work I was distracted so I left home 5 minutes late. 'No problem,' I thought." I can speed a little, maybe 65 mph (usually I don't exceed 55), then I can arrive to work on time." Suddenly a dog wandered across the street in front of my car. It lumbered along staring at my vehicle as though there was no danger. I slammed on the brakes nearly bringing the car to a complete stop. "Oh gosh," I thought, "I'm already late..." Then from a side street not many yards from me a car appeared, causing me to have to quickly slow down again.

Warning Signs. That's what these were for me. I came to realize this miles later when I encountered a huge car accident. Many vehicles were involved with one in a ditch and another forced to the other side of the road. AND THE ACCIDENT HAPPENED NO MORE THAN 5 MINUTES EARLIER…

I just can’t explain the gratitude I felt that moment. When I arrived at work, it was my heart that was running 65 mph!... I drank a glass of water and prayed to the Lord, thanking Him for being with me always, specially in that moment. I asked Him to never withdraw from me and to never quit sending me warnings to tell me: “Slow down, don’t hurry”, for

“The Lord is your Keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand.
The sun won’t make any harm, not the moon at night;
The Lord will keep you from all danger. He will protect your life.
The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in, now and forever.”
(Psalm 121.5-8)

A hug to you and once more thank you for the daily messages,

Sincerely, "
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