Be still

A message was recorded next to one of the biggest highways in the USA. The city was Georgetown, Texas. After breakfast-and-a-talk with Pastor Paulo Brum, Pastor Bill Thompson and me, Rev. Delton Weiser, from Point of Grace Lutheran Church gently agreed to deliver a short message in front of our camera. The message was to be used by Ulbra on the TV version of "Touch of Life" in Brazil.

I recall the Psalm's two words that he used, "Be still." (Psalm 46:10) When I think about this moment I remember how important his words were in the message. These words are two of the most difficult in our time: Be still. Hard to say.

Even harder to practice.
Say, 'be still' to the business man rushing for a new deal, new agreement, new report that he needs to leave on his boss' desk.
Speak ‘be still’ to the mother or father in the midst of her/his daily turmoil. Work, helping kids, supporting your spouse, caring for yourself, daily stuff.
Try to whisper ‘be still’ to the young boys and girls in the middle of their rush, studies, competitions, dreams…
And why don't we try to be still? Not even close to easy in this non-stop culture when 30 seconds is enough or even too much! Where you need to get things done not for now, but for yesterday. Where you barely can spare time to read a 5 minute devotion or for a 2 minute prayer. When the driver right behind you honks in anger if you don't drive as soon as the light changes to 'green.'

But still the Psalm invites us to, from time to time, be still. The biblical writer calls us to press the still button of our work, home, business, school, and maybe the ‘off’ button of TV and Computers too. Even though we think that stopping or slowing down a bit is a waste of time. It is the opposite! When we choose to pause then we have time to rewind, repent, stop what is wrong. To play in new ways and with new thoughts. And even to move fast forward in a refreshed and renewed way.

But this stillness is not only ‘being quiet’, or ‘calming down’. Time to be still is needed to be with God, to remember that He is our Father, He gives us peace, strenght strength and orientation all along our way in this life. In this stillness, by faith in Christ, He feeds us with his love. We still have the means to live our lives carried in His hands.

Then yes, you should try to say that to others. And To yourself. And I should do it too. This is not an easy struggle, but it brings its results. A time to ‘be still’, a ‘breakfast-and-talk’ with God daily enables us to be still whenever needed, even in the largest and fastest highways of our lives.

Be sure!

Text revision:
Kim Starr
Wisconsin, USA.
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