Awesome pomegranate.

I know, it's kind of weird putting these two words together. But I did that because these are two English words I appreciate very much. For some reason they sound so nice to my ears! I like the sound when speaking them loud, even though a word like 'awesome' is pretty hard for a Portuguese speaker to pronounce. .

I don't know exactly why I appreciate 'pomegranate". While at Kimballs' NYC home in 2006 I came across with this word when Pastor Paulo, music chaplain at Ulbra, and I were in the US. .We drank pomegranate juice together. I have to confess that the liquid sounded not as good as the word. But it was ok. The word yet stuck with me since then. Pomegranate.

But I know exactly why I appreciate the word 'awesome.' Its sound and how it's pronounced. The first time and many times since I heard it with 'wonderful' - 'awesome': God. "God is awesome!" Then I learned that in English when you want to refer to our Great, Caring and Loving God, you have a sound and powerful word. Awesome.

It's just awesome His love to mankind, His care for our lives, His work through Christ to give us peace, love and salvation.

It's just awesome how He shows His love in everything all around. From a pomegranate's seed to the top of the mountains. From a regular day to days of crisis. From the top of HIs Word to the bottom of our hearts. So that we could say from the top of our lungs: Awesome!

Then it's just awesome the opportunity we have everyday, from the dawn to sunset, to thank him for being nothing less than awesome in every step we make in our path guided by His hand.

I remember of joking with the Kimballs that if someday they come to Brazil and find a store called 'Awesome pomegranate', then they'll know I have my own business. Probably that will never happen. But I pray to God that inside my chest I can always have opened the 'store' of my heart with this big and sound sign: God is awesome.
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