Touch of life: make room

Friday, may 8th, 2009

Make room

Mathematics, to drive, computer expertise, body shaping or to Love. What’s the most important?

Well, I think ‘to love’ would be the top 1. All others are important too, or at least interesting but to love above all, is fundamental. The glue to keep together any human relationship that intends to de durable.

Ok. But where is the classroom where we go to learn to love?

For Mathematics, we have School. To Drive, the drivers school. The fitness center is specialized in shaping the body. Computers? Tons of computer school rooms are available. And so on. For thousands of human needs and desires we have schools, academies, centers where to go and learn how to be an expert on that matter. But to learn to love, the most important…where do we go?

I think that we wouldn’t find a formal, regular classroom. But looking carefully, we can find many others. The living room, for example, where we have opportunity to work out, improve, re-connect familiar relationships…in love. The conference room, as a symbol of the relationships at work, where we can minimize problems and misunderstandings…in love. The waiting room, symbolizing the love to the our neighbor, even the ‘strangers’ and the ‘others’, as God’s creatures of His loving hands

So many rooms! And so much learning at hand. God, our Father – the One that provide these rooms – Himself is our Best Teacher, for he connects theory and practice. He spoke of love, and He acted in love, through Jesus, our Savior, the Love in human form. When this Master makes room in our hearts, our learning and sharing goes beyond, finding every new place He provides as a new room where to love and be loved. To teach and learn. To give and receive. A new opportunity to make room for love.

And in this case, we have not to worry about A’s, B’s or C’s. In Christ, we are already approved for the final test.

And that is precisely the right motivation to make every day more room to learn and share….love.


Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.

Italian proverb

Rev. Lucas André Albrecht

Campus Chaplain


Text revision:

Kim Starr, Deaconess Intern

St. Louis, MO, USA.

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