( ) esist

Here we are, alive, breathing, living daily live. We exist.

Once we have an existence, we must also see the options we have on how to exist. How to lead a daily life? How to face new challenges every day? To do that we could sum up in two ways.

Just change one letter…x to s, exist to esist. Try putting two letters, one at a time, in front.

The first letter D makes the word (D) esist.
To Desist means to watch days go by. Not living them. When we choose to be the victim or the spectator. When we sit in the audience and not perform our role on stage.

The other letter R makes the word (R) esist. To bear up.
And that's quite another situation. When we resist we don’t face things as they come. We don’t think “no way,” “no answers,” “no options.” To resist in this case is not only to ‘hold on’, but is to fight every day with new strength on how to live life, and not only to let days pass by. To resist means that we hold on to God’s way. That we fight with new strength on how to live our lives. We don’t just “let life happen to us.”

Yeah, that’s not easy. And it wouldn’t be possible if we could not “count on our Father.” But 5 other letters are crucial for this to work: F A I T H. By faith we are connected to Christ, that gives us our existence, strengthens us with His love and calls us to resist, to fight, to live daily life supported by His hand. When troubles and temptations try to make us desist, then we have in Him the opportunity to choose to resist, placing in him all our life and confidence, knowing that he always wants gives us the ‘R’.

So, by FAITH we exist, which allows us to resist and not desist! And in Jesus we always have the “right letter” to fill in the parentheses of life.
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