yes, we can

“Yes, we can!”.

With this motto and many promises of change, Barack Obama was elected the President of the United States. Here in Brazil, watching the news we could see in those days many opinions such as ‘a new time has begun’; ‘new ways of doing things’, ‘an age of less discrimination and prejudice’. ‘We’ll have a world with more equality among men.’

The hope, then, as we can see is big. But only time will tell what of this will really come true.

What time has already told us is that since from many time ago a man who was not elected but chosen brought the time of equality, the fight against any type of discriminations. The change to a new life

Jesus Christ came to the world not to be its president, but its Savior. Not to be elected, but to elect the sons of God, through faith, without any kind of prejudice. He showed to fullest the real meaning of liberty, equality, justice and love to the neighbor.

But beyond this He came to assure us that in Him ‘yes, we can’. We can change, when its necessary. We can re-do things, when it’s needed. For above all, yes, we can place faith in Him always. The things that ‘no, we couldn’t’, He did. His work on earth and His presence in our hearts make the change real. He gives us the power to live, to act, to change.

And to do this, we don’t need to be in the top post of the world. We can do what we can exactly where we are in family, work, church, society.

Yes, we can. As we begin a New Year, it’s good to know and to be sure that with Him we can -- always. For the Bible itself says: “I can do all things in He Who strengthens me”.
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