In English we have this multi-use suffix when we want to determine direction.

If you’re going back, then you’re movinde backward. The contrary direction would be forward. From inside out then you are meaning outward, having its opposite reading inward. You may head schoolward, houseward, hospitalward or even sunward. If you are ‘warding’ that means you are moving to some diretcion, goal, purpose.

When speaking of life, what’s the best direction to head to?

The options of direction seem to overflow in front of our eyes trying to get our attention. Drugsward, moneyward, materialismward, consumismward, no-God-ward. Despairward. Or even worse -- self-ward. This kind of ‘wardness’ is the one that can lead to no good place, direction, purpose. They are weird wards, which in the end result in a ward-less life.

That’s why the Bible points us Christ-ward. Because it’s when our lives head to Him we have the right direction to go. The right meaning where to abide. The right purpose for all other ‘wards’ in our life. When our lives are Wordward we are directed by Him and then we move onward in life sharing this love that comes from faith familyward, workward, relationshipsward and all other directions that our hearts take to live and to share

And then we move ahead following the right direction: heavenward.
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