with the heart

This is a frequent question every time we get to this time of year, “So, what’s Christmas really?”
The answer depends in part on what the eyes or what the heart can see

What can our eyes see when we look at an old book with a cross on the cover? Maybe a historical recording; only documents; a mere collection of stories. But what the heart can see is the recording of the love of the Father toward His children.

What do the eyes see when looking at a church? Maybe only a building; a piece of art; a tourist place. But with the heart we can see the presence of God among His people, the celebration and fellowship of brothers and sisters in the same faith.

What the eyes can see when looking at two bars united forming a cross? Maybe only two bars forming a cross; a symbol; a sign of death. But what the heart can see goes beyond – not only the horrific death of the Savior but also life, hope, salvation, faith.

So, to look at Christmas only with our eyes will show us lights, shopping, hurry, gifts. wishes. Many of them are good, of course, but superficial. With the heart we see underneath - .the essence. With the heart we can see the unlimited Love of the Father, bringing hope every morning. Confirms the opportunity to run to the manger and place faith in the Baby who came to give rest, peace, salvation.
Only with the heart

Thus we see God in the shape of that Baby that in simplicity and humility brings the sureness of the new life through faith. And then we know he makes our heart a daily manger where He lays.

That’s what happens when we look to Christmas through the glasses of faith.
The eyes won’t understand. But the heart will.

And that’s what really matters.
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