The Stone Catedral, in Canela, city in the mountains of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, had a good attendance Saturday night of December, 2007, as the Ulbra’s Chapel Choir began its Christmas Concert. But everything changed suddenly.

Right in the middle of the 5th song, the lights went off. A thick darkness came down not only in the Church but in the whole city. The choir singers couldn’t count on their music sheets anymore and their eyes barely could distinguish Pastor Paulo’s conducting hands. I had to stop the narration I was reading between songs. People watching the Concert were no longer able to see the singers facial expression.

After a short while they were able to see more than they expected.

The lights went off, but not the Choir’s determination. The voices did not stop that song, neither the next, and the next, and the next… Flashes of the cameras sparked light over the confident faces of conductor and singers. Hundreds that were walking outside the temple came in and the Church became full. At the same time, the seminar student in charge of that Catholic temple and his acolytes brought candles to the scene and put them on the steps before the altar and around the choir.

The lack of light seemed to anticipate the tragedy, but it rendered a unique moment. The will, preparation and determination made the Choir win the darkness.
And the darkness that fell upon the city drew hundreds toward the light. Not only the candles but specially the Light sung by the Choir, which traveled through the aisles toward many hearts. The noise of whispering became silence. The somber was conquered by the light of candles, of voices, of Life.

There was, before a thousand eyes, an outstanding illustration for a Christmas Concert. Jesus, the Light of the world, draws to Him the hearts wandering in a world of darkness. Attracted by His voice, his Light, His shine they find in Him the message of peace and salvation. Lives once “turned off” that now shine on.

And it may be also inspiration for our daily concert in life. Ulbra’s Chapel Choir did not let darkness win. They sang till the end of the concert. So can we move on confidently, not fearing darkness, for the Light always prevails. If even electric light can beat on the darkness – as when it was restored later in Canela – greater is the sureness that connected to the Source, Christ, the Light of the World, we will have always the strength to go firmly till the end.

For this Light, we know, never goes off.
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