In daily relationships and contacts we are used to this acronym which expresses a will of bringing things to a solution, “As Soon As Possible.” However we do know that sometimes ASAP may mean, “I have no idea when.”

_When the seller tells the buyer about the delivery of his purchase.
_When the student promises the teacher the paper that was assigned.
_When we are given easy solutions to a complicated problem.
_When politicians and candidates tell people that the crisis is going to stop.
_When a friend cheers us up in the middle of a hard time

In these cases and many others the only thing that we have left is the unsafe, unpredictable not certain end. All we know is that As Soon As Possible could be any one of these: One minute? One day? One year? A lifetime?

How many people wait for the: Right person? Right job? Right life? Right faith? How many procrastinate and postpone because hopefully As Soon As Possible they will be happy, safe, strong and smiling.
But when this will be?

Human time is not precise. Sometimes not fair. Too often it is not rewarding.

God’s time is equally not precise to our standards. We can’t tell when. We can’t tell how. But the acronym for His action is: “As Sure As Promised.” Same letters. Different meaning. ASAP.

Sooner or later? We don’t know. Sure or not sure? Now, here we have the answer. Sure. For His promises never failed a single time in history. So we can be sure that they will not fail either today or tomorrow. In Christ’s death and resurrection we can see fulfilled what was said by Him ASAP. Looking to our past we know of His presence ASAP. Looking to today, right now, we know by faith that He is keeping us alive ASAP. That’s why we know that even though in some circumstances we wait a minute, a month or many years, nothing changes in what He said. In Him we smile, we fight, we have strength. In Him the possible is real, for ‘everything is possible to him who believes”

So when you face hard times and think that things will get better ASAP make it sure that God’s acronym is where you’re laying your hope. For His Word is always certain As Sure As Promised.
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