Do you like every answer that you get to your questions?

-Do you like my new hairstyle?
-Was I clear and effective in my presentation?
-Do you think I’m wrong?
-Is there something I can do?

We usually want to hear, "yes," a compliment or a word of encouragement. We don't want to hear, "well, it's not too bad," or "hmmm, so-so." Or worse. Some answers are very hard to hear...they come in silence but body language and eyes that roll judging us. Justifications are offered, motives given that are supposed to make us feel better. But, we have no defense.

Sometimes answers can hurt more than questions.

Especially when we really mess up. Our words are careless, the mistake was too big, our actions were not thought through. If we ask someone they'd judge us, "You deserve what you get!" "Suffer the consequences." "You deserve to be punished." "You're on your own!" We get bad, unloving and uncaring answers back.

That’s why we need to ask the right Person for the right and precise answer. We need to ask God: “Am I really wrong?” Even though we know that this may leave us uncomfortable, for we have his direct and plain “yes” coming. And probably that’s what our ears and ‘self’ wouldn’t like to hear …But, once we know our wrong, then ask the Lord, He leaves no doubt; why not proceed to the next step? “So, Dear Father, what can I do about this?”
His answer is a loving one. He responds with forgiveness, kindness, new beginning, the words we need the most to reach our ears and hearts.

Still, it’s important to remember that sometimes some things may be not so good now but very good after. That’s why for example we take anesthesia in the mouth to have our teeth fixed, we eat leafy greens mixed with spices red and yellow or face heavy traffic to get to the beach. In certain moments some answers hurt us, later our 'self" finds better ways to do things. For every answer we get in life may teach us 2 things: what to do. And what not to.

At last, trying to be courageous and to test my own point, i finish asking:
-Did you like what you read?
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