A father and son were in the car making their way to school. A large truck drove right beside them heading on its way. Looking at the big vehicle in admiration, the boy noticed the number of wheels.
-Dad, look at the number of tires this truck has in the back. Two axis with four wheels each!
Glancing quickly at the truck, the father replied,
-That’s right, son. And do you know why?
-No, dad.
-Because trucks usually carry a ton of weight. And the bigger the weight, the bigger the support they need to move.

There is one thing we can apply this to our lives.

Maybe some would do it in a negative way by saying that life adds tons of weight onto our back. So we need more and more axis and wheels to keep going. Otherwise life will be too hard.

I would rather a positive one. We can’t help having loads on our back. That’s life, that’s world. That’s sinful world. Then, as we move in life, God gives us axis, wheels, tires, and more and more ability to support the load on us. This ability we used to call experience. Yet every load we carry is a result from faith which is given for us to bear everything on. And we know there are always such things. Without having a strong axis and carts there will always be loads and weights that we can’t bear. Our Lord always supports us giving us just what we need to carry the load.

Another interesting point: if you notice trucks on the road sometimes some of the tires are not touching the ground because that specific load does not demand them to. But anytime they are needed they are ready to hold the load. Neither do we always have only heavy loads to carry. Jesus, the central axis of our life gives us also rest and renewal. When we need them there are: calibrated tires, trustworthy wheels and a strong axis that give us our speed safe and appropriate support.

Still, it’s important to emphasize that this support is for any amount of weight. Any. For our God has promised we’ll never have a burden we cannot carry. Which means that in Him we’ll always have the right axis to depend on.
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