Have salt

Sodium and chlorine are the two chemical substances that compose table salt. Do you know them?

Sodium is an extremely active chemical element, found only in a combined form. It is always connected to another one. Chlorine, on the other hand, is the poisonous gas that, for example, gives some cleaning products its offensive smell. When alone both of them seem to not have much utility for our lives. And, in some cases, they can be even harmful.
But when sodium and chlorine are combined, come together, they result in sodium chloride – common salt -, the substance we use, in more or less amount, to temper our food. If you have no salt or any temper, the food is dry. If you use too much of it, the food is gone.
And your health is in dangerDo you know agape alethetus? Probably not, because I just invented it. Aletheia, in greek, means Truth. Agape means love.
Truth and Love are two core substances for a life equilibrium.
But they must come together.

When life has too much Love, without truth, then life is an illusion. No feet on the ground. Living in a dreamworld. Toom much truth, without love, life is offensive and even harmful.

Combining Truth and Love brings to our lives a good temper, and a better taste. Jesus, once, said “Have salt in yourselves.”* He may have not given a chemical formula, but He certainly gave us a very good combination for us not to tolerate what is wrong with– truth - , and to practice tolerance with the one erring – love. The two elements together and combined – Truth and Love – lead to just the right amount of salt…giving flavor without harming the spiritual health.

I know, it’s not easy. As well as in many cases it’s not easy to find the best salt quantity in our food. But once by faith we are ‘salt shakers’ in the loving hands our Savior, we can be sure that ‘aletheia’ and ‘agape’ will always be present as we spread this message over our world.

And you can tell it right away: food with good temper and life with love and truth have a unique taste.

Gospel of St. Mark, 9:50
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