Imagine heating a nail up to 1000º F.
Now, imagine holding it in your hand.
Well…that’s damage!

Now, what happens If you throw this same warmed up nail into a swimming pool? Just a little noise, half a second, and it is cold again. Even at the same temperature, there’s a great difference of heat exchange in the center of the hand and in the middle of the water.

Anxiety, sometimes, nails our motivation. Burns our chest, our heart, our life. And it’s not easy to figure out alternatives when we are going through the heat of this temptation.

Remember that at those times our hands alone can’t lower the heat of anxiety. Our effort will be in vain.

God’s timing to cool us in the pool may not fit our time schedule, but our efforts can’t stop the heat from burning up our lives even when it’s right in the middle of his immense strength and love. The nails that burned Jesus hands on the cross assure us that this love embraces us in such a way that little room is left for anxiety to dwell. It’s not Magic, it’s faith. May be not fast. But is always safe. And sure.

And, like trying to fix a nail on a wall, trying to fight anxiety only with our own hands can’t have a good ending. Before being nailed by it, try this one on for size: throw your fears and sorrows into God’s love mass.

It’s a good way of refreshing our hands. Our head. Our life.

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