The numbers on the calendar present today, for some, a Day full of significances. For others, it’s just a bunch of numbers. Today is also a rare one. This combination of algorisms won’t come around again for another hundred years.

And today has another important feature: the opening ceremony of the summer Olympic Games, in Beijing, China. For Chinese people, number 8 is a lucky one. For this reason, the ceremony kicks off at 08:08 PM local time. So that means: 08:08PM on 08-08 in 08!

Putting superstition or numerology aside, and bringing together the Day and the event, how about doing beginning in this 8th month – doing 8 sports for 8 months and beyond?

Weightlowering – Halterofilism is the Olympic sport of weightlifting. Let’s do lowering, putting down our burdens and weights. Jesus invited us to let him snatch our weights away. He offers rest and release.

Artistic Gymnastics – Exercise our faith in four apparatus that are always beautiful watching: Love, respect, truth and care, which our Savior completed first.

100m dash of anger – When we take off in anger, rage or anguish, let it endure few moments. A short run, a little time and then it’s over. We slow down, refresh, recover in Jesus, who has already run for us.

400m medley – To ‘swim’ through life having a variety of styles of showing good principles towards our neighbors.

Faith walk – No matter how much and how far we walk, let we never take both feet off from the ground of God’s Grace and love.

Shooting – Try hard everyday, with His Hand taking aim for us, to hit the target as precise as possible with the best and constructive attitudes.

Synchronized swimming – Seeking to live in harmony with people around us. After all, we are all in the same ‘pool’ covered in waves of His love.

Marathon – Move forward firmly till the end in our faith in Jesus. Sometimes slower, sometimes sprinting, but never giving up. For the crown is already waiting our final line crossing

And in the higher place on the podium, there’s room for everybody. Gold medals are not rationed.

For in the race of faith, even the last are first.
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