Some softwares have a button that I consider kind of a ‘magical’ touch: undo. You did something you regret? The text doesn’t look like you figured out? Would you like to have everything leveled, and restart? It’s just a click. Or a few. By clicking “undo”, you get back to the point before the mistake was made. And you are allowed to try again. Make the whole thing new.

It is there, somewhere of the taskbar. And sometimes I think how great it would be to have it somewhere in our life. Imagine painting a whole room, dislike the result and just…undo. Driving one way several wrong blocks away and just….click. Forgetting the turkey in the oven, get it all black, but then….undo!

And better: imagine hurting someone with words, regret and....redo. Noticing a relationship close to get into serious trouble for some wrong decisions ad....undo. Being too impulsive against someone and…again! Commit a mistake and….click! No, you can’t.

Well, maybe you can’t physically. Because God has this button for our hearts, that He decided to call forgiveness. You click repentance and faith, and… there you go: a white sheet, a new beginning, start over again. The wall waiting for the new painting. The road waiting for your new driving. The fresh start to reach a new end. That’s why Christ came for: undo the problems caused by sin and redo the way straight to the Father. Faith in Him, forgiveness, it’s a click to include in the taskbar of today. And everyday. See the mistake, repent, step back, it’s no shame. Is moving forward.

And, if some of the consequences of your deeds, you cannot just simply, “undo”, with Christ’s strenght, you are always allowed to rebuild, restart, redo.

So, do it.
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