“It’s very important to keep yourself teachable.” This was a remarkable phrase in a meeting with Rev. Dean Lueking and his wife, Beverly, from Chicago. They were in Brazil during the last days of their Latin America trip, in April, 2008. After 40 days traveling and 8 countries visited, they flew back home.

Wise words of this Christian minister. Keep yourself teachable. Something that he takes seriously in his life. During the past 2 years, Lueking a doctor in History, has been in cities of the 5 continents, listening to people. He gathered over 250 conversations for his 13rd
book, about the experience of living the Christian Lutheran faith in daily life.
In June, he reached his 80th birthday.

Keep yourself teachable. Don't think of this as a secret, it's not. And I feel that many of us know, even though not practicing it, the theory that while we keep open to be taught, we keep able to be growing in living with humbleness, wisdom, knowledge, discovery, passion, joy…

And mainly, faith. Jesus Christ teaches us every day, in His Word, and the Master has always His ways to remind us the importance of keeping ourselves teachable. As long as we think we don’t need this teaching anymore, we start to stay put and slowly loose even the ability to teach.

By the way, that’s how Rev. Lueking continued his thought. “And he who stops being teachable, should stop teaching as well”. A good reminder for times in which everybody knows there’s so much to learn, but most people only want to teach. Even though when they have not much to share.

Keeping ourselves teachable guarantees that we’ll always have the essential to our faith – the Word of God – and a fundamental meaning for life: learn always

Until we turn 80. Or beyond.

Our thanks to Kim Starr, from St. Louis, US,
for helping in today’s edition.
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