Good dependence

Maybe this isn't the July, 4th we were waiting for.

As we watch parades and celebrations go on, we see fuel prices go up. As we notice emotive manifestations, we wonder, maybe also emotively, where inflation is leading us to. When we see joy overflowing in faces and hearts of millions of Americans, we can also see signs of worry of the ones who suffer under waters overflowing their homes and lives.

In a day designed to celebrate the independence, we realize how dependent we are of some things. Like the political orientation of the new president.

Well, that could be the only picture if all our hopes rested only in people or in goods our money can buy. But we don't.

At least, we don't need to. Because we have the One who declared our independence from sin, despair, fear and hopelessness, and connected us to God, whose dependence is worth of all celebration. Christ overflowed our hearts with forgiveness and joy. He elected us to be part of His family, where we find salvation and peace. Not only for the millions of Americans, but to the whole world.

In God, we find joyful each of our days, even the not so good ones. For His hand always guides the steps in our lifelong parade, and gives us strength and direction to walk confidently into the uncertain days to come.

For in Him, we find the good dependence. The one that sets us free.
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