IELB’s 104th anniversary
to launch Sunday Services on TV

This year, IELB (The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brasil) puts forward a new big step. For the first time in its history, Sunday Services, recorded at the University Chapel of ULBRA (The Lutheran University of Brasil), which belongs to ‘São Paulo” Lutheran Church, in Canoas, Rio Grande Do Sul, will be weekly broadcasted on regular TV channel, Ulbra TV.

Following Ulbra’s Rectorship orientation, ULBRA TV started recordings on 06.15. “It’s a period for tests and search for improvement; we need to make the first editions to see how we can get to the best possible”, says Pastor Lucas André Albrecht, Campus Chaplain from Ulbra’s Pastoral Service, also in charge of Communications. The program is called “Touch of life – Sunday Special”, and will be aired every Sunday, 8:00 to 9:00 AM, a 60 minutes Service with a potential reach of 4.000.000 people in states of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina, plus thousands through parabolic antenna to all Latin America and Texas(US), and worldwide through internet.

‘Touch of life’ is the 6 minutes program presented daily by Pastor Albrecht on ULBRA TV, 8:00 AM and 23:50 PM. On Saturdays, guest pastors from IELB’s congregations are featured. Now, on Sundays, 1 hour Lutheran Services will be shown.

The beginning of this new journey will be on Sunday, 06.22, when IELB will celebrate its 104th year of work in Brasil. The celebration, to be held at the University Chapel of Ulbra, will be broadcasted live on Ulbra TV, 10:00AM (Brazilian Time). From the next Sunday on, the recorded services start to be presented every Sunday Morning.

IELB’s first steps on television were in May, 1976, in Erechim, Rio Grande do Sul, with Pastor Edgar Tilp. In middle 80’s, Church’s programs covered the South of Brasil and State of Espirito Santo. By then, 93 minutes ran weekly in 8 different channels. But in early 90’s, due to high cost of productions, they went off. In the 2000’s, independent initiatives brought IELB back to TV, but never with regular Services.

ULBRA TV, a 24/7 commercial channel belonging to The Lutheran University of Brasil (Ulbra), can be watched in many cities of Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina in Brasil. In Latin America and Texas, through parabolic antenna, Intelsat Satellite 45ºW. And worldwide through web, on this link.

Based on IELB's website report.
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