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Depending on where do you go, you will make use of different sizes of it.

When you’ll be out for a day, maybe a briefcase is more than enough. For a longer out-of-home staying, however, may be that a suitcase would be better, so you can carry an extra pair of socks, or one more spare shirt. But when comes the situation that your dog really gonna miss you, or bills will overflow your mailbox, then it’s time to get to larger suitcases. Maybe several of them. Heavy luggage. Because this one really is going to last.

For life, the case is pretty much the same. Depending where we intend to go with your relationships, the marriage, job or your projects, then in different ways we get prepared for them. If it’s a short term walk, maybe a suitcase of feelings, good words, or smiles and “positive mental attitude’ may help. If the intention is lasting quite a bit more, then more strength, strife, and smiles will be needed.

But I’m sure that for these and for all important things, we want them to be lifelasting. Then, it’s time to be all the more prepared for the days to come. Not only passion, but love. Not only smiles, but also support. Not only colorful shirts, but also the heavy coats. Not only perfume but the nail clippers, too. That’s when what we have in your personal luggage makes difference. A lot.
Not only motivation, but mainly faith.

Jesus Christ wants to keep our packages always full of His gifts, the ones that provide to our life what we really need, because He wants us to get until the end. Well prepared, well supported – and always loved beyond boundaries. He fills our heart-cases so we can have long-lasting relationships, very-lasting plans, extra-lasting dreams – and, above all, everlasting life.

When we travel like this, there’s no heavy. We’ve got happy luggage.
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