It was February, 2006, and we were in US for 20 ‘learn and share’ days. Pastor Paulo, music chaplain at Ulbra, and me. Texas was our first stop, where Pastor Bill Thompson and his wife, Patricia, drove us to many places, providing many different opportunities. Also, things more relaxing, like going out for eating and watching Superbowl on TV.

On Sunday, when returning from Service at Point of Grace Church(Pfluggerville), we’ve got pasta. After ordering food, they asked for tea. Once I don’t drink tea, I didn’t follow. Pastor Paulo did.
Then I noticed on the table the glasses. Well, not only glasses. Big Texan glasses. (thank God I ordered soda…) As we helped ourselves with the food, and they got their drink, the glasses never ran out of tea. As soon as the liquid level approached the bottom, some waiter appeared to fill it up again. All the time. And Pastor Thompson remarked:
-Here in Texas, this is how you know if a place is good or not.
-Really? What is the test? – I wanted to know.
-A good one never leaves your glass run empty.

God is not a waiter, but He does the same, continually. He knows the danger when we leave our mind and heart empty. As we know, nothing stays like that for long. If you don’t let inside good things, then the bad ones come and take place. Sometimes faster than we can control.

‘Whatever is good, think of these things”“ says Paul, the apostle. “Fill up your minds with everything that’s good’ would be another way to put that. Our God, in Christ, fills up our lives with the best food for our heart, the living water for our thirst. He never leaves our life’s ‘glasses’ run out of everything that is necessary for us to go on. Following this order, we leave few room for what’s bad. And we taste every day the life-giving and encouraging things provided by His loving hands, that make we live to the fullest.

God’s. The best Place to stop by and keep our lives full. Everyday.
The really Good One.
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