It was Friday morning, and we met, one of the assistant editors and me, at the subway (which in Porto Alegre runs actually on surface rails). We were going to the monthly meeting of the TV team. Among other issues, he was talking about some TV programs that air “by sunset, or early evening”

As we arrived at the studios and walked into the meeting room, I was still thinking of it, and realized that, in fact, there’s a moment in the day when we cannot say exactly if we are in the end of the afternoon, or in the beginning of the night. Undefined. On step there, one step here, in the middle of both.
And this was the devotion I shared with them that morning.

There are moments in our lives when things are pretty much the same. A relationship, that may endure or is about to end. The career, close to take off or delayed on the ground? Rain or sun? Cold or warm? Should I stay or should I go? Will I go through this problem or will I fail?

In times like these, it’s so good to have a definite and safe place. And that’s the same as saying “God”. He is safeness, definition. Whether in a sunny day or in the darkest hour. Flying high above or walking on the ground. When there’s smiles and cheering up or when there’s tears rolling down.
In those moments when loneliness, undefined times, come close, He is even closer. As close as when His Son took human shape, and gave His life so we can live in the shadow of his presence. By faith he takes and carries us in His arms. The best and safest place in the world, definitely.

If the undefined moment of the sunset remembers the light giving place to darkness, in Him we find the dawn: the darkness disappearing before the Sun.
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