My One

There’s a TV show on MTV called My own. The idea of the game is that a huge fan of a given famous one, knowing that hardly he/her will have a chance to get even near to the idol, finds some bliss in choosing, from a line of six, someone that looks like, resembles, or just pretends to be that one desired. In one of the editions of the show aired one of these days, for example, a teenager whose heart beats for the pop singer Omarion, had before her half a dozen "semi-Omarions", to pick up one of them for company, for a relationship. Or maybe only for hours (is there some kind of serious thing that can result from such a situation)?

Speaking of choosing a partner, this logic may be logical – for some people. For faith, however, possibly may not. Even though, looking at the many options we see around, one may think it’s easy and normal to accept any thought, many ideas, any one as our own. This ends up in replacing de original One.

In Christ, we have for our whole life the Original, irreplaceable God. Then why to be content with a hard copy? Even more when we notice that, although being the most famous Person ever, He is not an ‘inaccessible star’. Jesus is always near, available, to be owned by those who in faith get personally related to this very important Person, in a complete, life-lasting relationship.

By faith, we are His own. And this shows us that we have Him not only as ‘my own’; he wants to be ‘My One’.
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